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Be Free aZaaS provides you customized Software-as-a-Service solutions for your customers, your partners and your employees.

Enjoy low upfront cost
Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) allows you to enjoy the benefits of technology and automation without the need to purchase, install or maintain software, hardware or data centres. Be free from prohibitive capital investments.

Enjoy rapid speed to market
Without the need to purchase, install or maintain software or hardware, you can start enjoying using the service after a short set-up. Since hosted services can be used from anywhere, multi-location deployments are simplified without the need set up complex data centre architectures. Be free from protracted deployment periods.

Enjoy high service levels
You can now provide enterprise-grade e-services to your customers and employees at a fraction of the cost. With aZaaS, you gain access to comprehensive security, back-up, disaster recovery and support services. This way, you spend less time on managing your IT infrastructure and more time on your core business, doing what you are good at. Be free from insurmountable barriers to entry. Be free from the hassles of infrastructure maintenance.

With our unique ability to tailor-make SaaS solutions in a short time, we can help you implement a wide range of e-services for your customers, partners and employees.

Be free with aZaaS.