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Aviation Industry Corporation of China, Beijing Aviation Manufacturing Engineering Institute (hereinafter referred to AVIC) was founded in 1957, and it is the only comprehensive technology institute that specializes in aviation manufacturing technology and equipment development. Now it has more than 1300 staff, academicians of engineering, professors, senior engineers and other technical personnel, almost 800 people. There are more than 40 professional and several national and ministerial laboratories and manufacturing technology research and development centers, and the resin based composite material technology, special welding technology, digital flexible assembly technology, high energy beam machining, metal forming technology constitute the basis of aeronautical manufacturing technology, most of which are at leading positions in china.

Successful go-live of financial system
A large number of sales contracts has been signed.
The data of marketing, finance, business, law department are inconsistent.
The number of purchasing and production contracts are huge.
The data of Business, Production, Quality Control and other departments are inconsistent.
Project objectives:
- Technical message-level data flow integration
- Intra management systems and cross-system process flow control
- The entire business process includes business partners
Highlight Functions & System Deployment
Highlight 1: Handling of business data and process forms
- Using the data management function of BPM
- The separation of Process controls data and business data;
- All data are stored in BPM database, and be exported upon process completes.
Highlight 2: Complex node handling
- If contract has not been received, an email will be sent to notify, and after the waiting period of 30 days, the application will be invalided.
- If contract has arrived, then proceed to stamping step;
- Invalidate the contract
- Assign appropriate signing authority according to the amount of contract
Application Value
In order to control the signing, approval and all aspects of the execution of contract effectively, we have developed several contract approval processes for AVIC, which makes the flow of contract signing streamlined, visible and informational, leading to improved work efficiency and reduced operational costs.
- Taking into consideration of traditional practices by incorporating flexible process approval control;
- Integrated with legacy synthesized office platform to offer one-stop service;
- Realizing a large number of custom queries, as well as a variety of statistical charts and other functions.