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Hong Kong Centaline Property Agency Group was founded at the end of 1978 in Hong Kong, then it has begun to enter China’s real estate consultancy industry in 1990. Currently, it has established wholly-owned subsidiaries in the 15 cities, which includes Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities in mainland, and the business field involves sales, investment analysis, advertising planning, property management and other integrated services of business office, business and residential leasing. So far, it is the largest real estate consultancy company in mainland China.

In order to improve the efficiency of enterprise operation process, manage and optimize the operation of process effectively, and reduce costs, the company develops BPM (Business Process Manager) system as management tool for enterprise processes.
The ultimate goal is to run the BPM system through all Centaline companies in mainland China, taking into consideration of possibilities, changeability and convenience of China’s deployment in every phase of design.
Highlight Functions & System Deployment
The implementation of BPM system has improved the overall efficiency of Centaline Company. It means lower costs and stronger competitiveness in today’s challenging environment.
This system fundamentally solves business challenges by:
- Integration of main business processes;
- Improvement of efficiency of process management;
- Enhanced controllability of process;
- Justified specific operation;
- Increased of technology performance and continuous improvement
- Established a platform for automated process integration and sharing for each region.
Application Value
The attendance approval process is a highlight for the Centaline, which realizes the decentralization of attendance process work, process automation and system integration, and improves work efficiency, and reduces the maintenance costs of company.
- Seamlessly integrated with third party human resource system, and all the staff of process links come from enterprise human resource system;
- Seamlessly integrated with company’s attendance system, automatic redirect to the attendance system for further data processing after approving documents;
- Integrated the message notification and label function of Microsoft Live Communicator Server 2005;
- Integrated the email function of Exchange 2003;
- Process model structure design based on .Net;
- Data storage structure based on Microsoft SQL Server 2005;
- Flow of process can be monitored, Visibility is gained.