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China Mobile Group Liaoning Co., Ltd. is a branch of China Mobile (Hong Kong) Limited, which is responsible for “China Mobile” network construction, maintenance and business operations in Liaoning. As an integral part of “China Mobile” GSM digital mobile communications network, China Mobile Communications Group Liaoning Co., Ltd., has 14 branches and 56 county-level branches.

There are many complaint handling systems, and they are separated, inconvenient and inefficient;
- Too many systems
- Each system has its own device / host
- Each system has its own account and password
Many types of business led to many kinds of complaints, and their processing is not clear and fixed;
- More than 30 complaints categories
- Unorganized results in poor efficiency
For a large number of simple processing complaints, the customer service department cannot resolve independently, which increases the workload of network management department, the complaint cannot be solved in time and customer satisfaction is low;
Complaint handling procedures takes a long time and the links are complex, which results in efficiency reduction.
It has a high requirement for complaints handlers, and for diverse category, they need to judge how to handle based on their knowledge.
Project objectives:
- Building a website of forwarding complaints for customer service
- Building a case management system for network operation and maintenance specialists to use
- Realizing the function of approving concentrated complaint process, which includes customers complaining handlers and network administrator complaining handlers
- Realizing the relevant approval functions of centralized complaint process being triggered by system
- Real-time monitoring the running of centralized complaint handling process
- Review and inquiry operation status of browse history
Highlight Functions & System Deployment
- SMS Integration: The integration with the gateway of SMS realizes SMS reminders and SMS approvals etc.
- Resource system integration: The integration with internal mobility resources realizes resource process management.
- Graphical Monitoring: The unified graphical control interface realizes approval process rapidly.
Application Value
June, 2008 – December, 2008, 20 complaint processes have been finished in the first phase of construction;
May, 2009 – November, 2009, 58 operation management processes have been finished in second phase of construction,
- The application of BPM process management runs through the status of business process and system, which makes a good foundation for the further optimization.
- Solved the problem of inattentive complaint processes, unclear approvers, unclear approval suggestions, inability of remote approvals, and absence of information broadcasting, record storage and knowledge accumulation.