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Far East Organization

Singapore Far East Group develops, owns and manages a wide range of real estate products in residential, hotel, retail, commercial, health care, and industry spaces. As the largest private real estate developers of Singapore, the Far Eastern Group has earned a reputation for fast growth by introducing cutting-edge concepts to people’s lifestyles, work and entertainment.

Far Eastern Group requires cloud storage service, which enables their employees to manage files in sync storage to eliminate high cost of local infrastructure.
Highlight Functions & System Deployment
The function to adding a chain for files enables customers accessing the shared documents without using the cloud storage system of Far Eastern Group.
Through the current mainstream mobile device, you can access and manage your personal cloud storage space anywhere.
Application Value
Personal File: the Far Eastern Group’s employees can access the employee’s personal document management space via the Internet anytime and anywhere.
Collaborative document sharing: to build a team by setting groups, file sharing within the team, unified management, coordination office. Departments and groups constitute a matrix management to achieve flexible sharing, file permissions and controlling.
Rights Management: According to the requirements of Far Eastern Group, to authorize different employees corresponding document operation permissions, to ensure the orderly management of information, and even if employees leave, the sensitive information cannot be taken away.
Access to a variety of devices: allowing staff to use a variety of devices such as PC, mobile phone or tablet and build a secure online storage to manage and backup their files.