Let the practice to prove!


Vanke Co., Ltd. was established in May 1984, which is currently China’s largest professional residential development company.

Real estate projects take long cycle, involve more specialty, and business relationships are complex. With the growth of business and scale for Vanke, the company pays more attention to management and tracking the entire process of project to increase the transparency of project management. Therefore, how to ensure the monitoring and controlling of all items is a problem to be solved for Vanke.
- The previous business approval is approved by E-mails, and haven’t been integrated with business operations.
- The business process in business are isolated and separated, the data is not fully shared.
- It lacks a system to enable enterprise process automation, so it cannot receive notification in time. 
Highlight Functions & System Deployment
- BPM platform is currently stable, and the number of users increases from previous 3943 to 4280.
- The development of BPM interface is completed with flexible design, which saves the most of costs of process development and it is 1/4 to 1/3 of previous costs.
- The interface of BPM defines a common standard specification, which provides guidelines for the development of business interface and reduces the cost of BPM interface development, and it is 2/3 of the previous costs.
- The business process for Shenzhen area has been finished, and it has been copied to Beijing area and other cities for using.
- Compared the number of process initiations with the previous three months, it increases from 39,100 to 52,294. The process has been widely promoted.
Application Value
- Sales, profit, cost, efficiency, productivity, customer satisfaction; finally translated into financial benefits;
- More than 80% of mature processes are promoted and implemented in the whole group;
- Contract and sales business processes are promoted and implemented in the whole group (except Shanghai area);
- Through BPM automated information system, the process efficiency has been tripled. (The average time for paper approval is eight days and the actual amount is the number of flows that into the operation.).
- Improving skills, reducing risks, and cultural impacts;
- Build up strong process management mindset and standardization awareness for each companies;
- To reduce the complexity and non-controllable brought by differences;
- Developing the culture that easy for promotion, and establish effective communication and mutual learning process management backbone;
- The scientific process system architecture meets the requirements of sustainable development and large-scale development;