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Data as a Service (DaaS),  it offers data aggregation, data quality management, data cleaning and other services related to data in a centralized location, then it provides data for diverse systems, applications and users without considering the source of data.

DaaS takes the requirements of terminal users as the guidance, business personnel can get business intelligent (BI) report with insights in minutes instead of hours or longer without the help of IT personnel. To a certain extent, this reduces burden of IT department, meets the business needs and optimizes system performance.

Through centralized service lines, DaaS of aZaaS gets data crossed-channel and crossed-devices from multi-sources together, and expands data resources. There is no need to pay attention to the source of data, data format, and relying on IT department, the enterprise can get the insights of industry and enterprise. It avoids the cost of initiation, maintenance, supporting for data warehouse and project analysis, uses the mode of charging by usage to ensure the enterprise benefits from real useful data analysis.

Strong Advantages


Implementation without delay

To avoid purchasing software and hardware, installation, maintenance and upgrading, it analyzes the data and implement project through centralized data aggregation according to the needs of customers.


Pay more attention on the business except data

Outsourcing all or a part of data service to data experts, IT team focuses on other areas, and any business needs can be solved flexibly.


Improve data quality

Setting of a single update point and controlling of data accesses enable discovering and analyzing the abnormal data from multiple data sources rapidly, and make verification, correction and standardization in time.

Identity Tags of DaaS

aZaaS’s DaaS

Take users’ needs as guidance, aZaaS’s DaaS offers data insights of industry and enterprise from three diverse data implementation levels.

Levels of DaaS


Transfer & Integrate data

aZaaS’s DaaS links data from different storage locations and multiple data sources together, from data center to the edge of storage, and across longer periods of time. It centralize data cognition and transfer right virtual data quickly when data are needed.


Statistic & Analyze data

Daily, weekly and other periodical business development reports, product promotion and price analysis, and using business model to analyze existing business, they help enterprises to collect business data effectively and explore more business opportunities. aZaaS provides feasible business insight and available data in visualization forms to decision makers, offering decision basis on tactics.


Discover & Push data

Beyond the meaning of data itself, we connects more people, data, procedures and behaviors. Through data detection and analysis on customer consumption, customers increasing and losing, to understand customers’ needs humanity, and when you are searching, the system will remind relevant information retrieval automatically, realize intelligent push and make you feel the handy operation.

Industry Practice Cases

Our professional DaaS knowledge helps enterprise insight the latest information within the industry,
such as health care, retail, finance, insurance and other industries, and provide comprehensive industry data as a service solution for them.


Medical Industry

Without affecting the data security, it realizes sharing and accessing data of patients. aZaaS’s DaaS aggregates data, and provides better tools for medical units or organizations to monitor health information of population, and identify high risk of specific disease. Through data cleaning and sorting, doctor can use DaaS for screening and diagnosis, and monitoring the effect of the treatment and nursing.

27 Retail Industry

Making use of information from more widely data sources, and better integrating the data from social network and outside the network, to know the demand of buyers and potential buyers. Through stages business report, analysis of consumer behavior and products sales, to understand the current business trends and product feedback better, and provide better service for customers.

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