Take the office with you

The emergence of mobile phones, tablet computers and smart mobile devices has changed the office paradigm on a global scale. Life and work are linked by a cloud of smart, connected devices, with enterprise management becoming increasingly about mobile management. With comprehensive compliance and advanced security technology, it’s no longer impossible to meet the corporate resource needs of a truly mobile workforce, any time and anywhere.

aZaaS has a technical team with in-depth understanding of enterprise data security, mobile traffic and the increasing complexity of mobile devices. From the current demands of enterprise mobility to expanding future needs, we are here to customize your mobile service plan for your business needs.

Work wherever and whenever
A dynamic, mobile workforce is no longer confined to a traditional office, and must instead respond to situations wherever they are, be it at the client or partner’s studio, at a café or on a business trip, with the flexibility to work whenever and wherever, delivering maximum value on the go. At this time, aZaaS users need only register their device, in order to safely access applications whenever and wherever.
One-step finish examination and approval
At the beginning of every project, managers and key appointment holders require many rounds of approvals and documentation to ensure a solid foundation to start from. However, key decision makers and stakeholders are not always available to expedite approvals. aZaaS mobile BPM solution is a key element to solving the problems of task assignment, distribution, application, examination and approval.
Continuously resource sharing
Have you ever forgotten an important document while meeting a customer? Don’t worry! As long as you have a mobile device, you can access your important data stored in the corporate server. In addition, users can also install and manage applications based on their individual needs.
Notification promptly
Need to inform participants about a last-minute meeting, or send out an emergency notice? In addition to email, the notification center is equipped with a scalable mobile push notifications engine that can send messages out in seconds.
Unified mobile management
Even as the number of mobile devices in use grows unabated, aZaaS provides effective methods to resolve IT issues, such as equipment management, identity authentication, communication interface, and software and hardware control. Through a single console, administrators can configure all the computers, mobile devices and servers, and achieve combined identity authentication and application access using Active Directory.
360° Data security control
Convenience and security often have conflicting goals, but enterprise mobile strategy can provide comprehensive protection on the go for sensitive information and key applications. Across a range of authentication, access policy and user file management, and encryption to prevent browsing risk and suspicious data usage, aZaaS can meet all your requirements for information security.


Centralized control for mobile devices

Meet employee job requirements and improve satisfaction

Leverage wireless technology and mobility to improve business flexibility

Continuous mobility and service upgrades and benefits

The future of Enterprise Applications Is Mobility

– Michael Maoz & Robert P. Desisto

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