IT service start to end!

aZaaS, creates a new working model with the mode of “products + services”.

The business operation platform driven by interactive process translated “intelligent working” better,

and more and more people work together refusing to be mediocrity.

A same platform, a same target, all the people get together creating and sharing.

Everything is no longer a secret, here it combines Chinese and Western business.

Employees, customers and suppliers forms a mutually beneficial win-win business ecosystem.

3 Information-more information, means more possibilities
With the help of the latest big data and business intelligence technology, you can access to hidden information and resources quickly in the massive data, whether it is a case, a person, or a quotation.
4 Mobility-break the boundary, take work away
People pursues freedom and do not want to be trapped by traffic jams and narrow office places, aZaaS fulfills the dream. No matter in the company, house or on the road, mobility office is always accompanied by your side to help you complete the work successfully.
2 Collaboration - make the distance closed, and nowhere to hide
You can find partners from the world easily, aZaaS combines communication and task processing into a single platform, which enables you to handle tasks, carry out discussion, check the project progress here, and collaboration with your efficient team at any time.
1 Service – be the first to redesign industry
We provide a series of innovative value-added services, such as Escow paid hosting and Xcommerce business intelligence, Enterprise mobility service-EMS and business consulting, thousands of aZaaS users benefit every day.