"Zero" inefficiency in cooperation

In any enterprise, a task cannot be accomplished by one, requiring a team to cooperate. Thus, equitable labor division, teamwork and communication have become the key factors. aZaaS pursues completing communication and collaboration with the shortest distance.

Clear-cut tasks
As a CEO mapping out the strategy for company affairs, communicating with each department and keeping an eye on operational information is a major role; while for company partners, he expects to push boundaries, expanding development and cooperation beyond the current scope of work.With our unified platform interface and clear-cut pages, such workflows and content are clearer than ever.
Intelligent big data
Finding the required information in the complex material library is like looking for a needle in the ocean. Now when you access the database, the system can push related materials to you according to your searching habits, which brings searching and finding to new levels of efficiency.
Communicate,whenever and wherever
“Communication” takes the most time in team cooperation. The statistics show, time people spend in communication consumes more than 28% of working hours. Reducing the time needed for searching emails, correcting information and repeated confirmations, can make your work even more valuable.
Sharing knowledge
In a full team, each member is an essential part. More sharing of resources enables all members to fully understand the conditions of the project, and the transparency of each member’s work gives clarity to the next working direction. In this way, knowledge sharing enables a high degree of unity within the team.
Social operation
If your business seems to be lacking an important ingredient, try our social thinking model to make team communication closer, and to expand the business circle of contacts, work, social and entertainment. In that way, work will become more efficient.



An interface that is transparent, intuitive and user-friendly, and pays more attention to users’ experience.


Leverage the cloud to avoid wasted resources and unnecessary costs.


Intelligent ‘push’ information to help you make better decisions.

High-Tech Tuesday Webinar: The AIM Market — Preparing for the Digital Industrial Revolution

—-Fabrizio Biscotti & Massimo Pezzini

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