KStar, operation assistant for any enterprise

KStar manages your business driven by process, which have both BPM and ERP system abilities.

When sales, production, finance, procurement, logistics and other departments use diverse modules, they are complicated and disjointed. Embedded BPM capacity is able to run business processes which cross departments and organizations. From order to shipment, the process can extend completely.

Target the core of process delivery by five functions!


Design Center

Custom process, complete the form design and equipped with data;

Test and release;

Equipped with key words such as department and job attributes to manage process rights.

Data Center

Clear personnel and organization list;

Store business data, and support for import and export;

Support multiple roles management for a single personnel.

Maintenance Center

Regulate and manage enterprise mail modules;

Comprehensive monitoring site system;

Support mobile service configuration, meet the needs of mobile office.

Report Center

Report select through time, handler, type and flow;

Equipped with overtime warning;

Statistics according to the flow state, and analyze the crux of t process;

Process Center

Launch process by a key with an entrance of process initiating;

Clear interface with tasks, approvals and mails;

Support contact, signature, pictures and other personalized settings.


ERP Module Functions

aZaaS provides comprehensive business modules for selecting to meet any business setting. With simple and intuitive user interface, and functions cross devices and platforms, you only need to choose according to your business needs, then you can achieve the best practice.

Customer relationship management and sales

  • Manage the classification of customers, and use big data to analyze customers;
  • Unify the process from quote to payment;
  • Create business opportunities and track the status;
  • Integrated with company website, track mail and call recording;
  13 Project management

  • Assign tasks online;
  • Track the status of task, and trigger notifications base on deadline;
  • Communication and discussion online.
Inventory and warehouse

  • Monitor the import and export situation, and real-time inventory updates;
  • Integrated with the wireless bar code scanner and RFID tags;
  • Support multi-warehouse management and inventory change tracking;
  • Equipped with a trigger alert;
  6 Training

  • Independently design the training program, and evaluation;
  • E-assessment and e-marking;
  • Update the latest knowledge and skills;
  • Face to Face online learning and communicating.

  • Well-documented financial reports and account settings;
  • Complete invoicing, payment and other tasks automatically;
  • Benefit from multi-currency and multi-tax level inputs;
  • Fixed asset management and cash management;
  • Notifications by mail or SMS.
  18 Document management

  • Editable files with customizable permission settings;
  • Online preview and search files;
  • Share the file and folder to external;
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook;
  • Private folder tie to the user.
Human resource

  • Unified recruitment and on-boarding process;
  • Manage incoming and outgoing staff, promotions, incentives, and compensations;
  • Self-Service Employee Portal to apply E-leave, E-claim, and get training and appraisal online;
  • Manage payroll and attendance.
  27 Business intelligence

  • Extract data from different SQL server, enterprise systems and business processes;
  • Collect behavior patterns, habits and development trends
  • Diagnosis of business problems and challenges, identify marketing
  • Save and publish report

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