One-Stop IT shop

Internet Operating Platform

aZaaS’s “Networked Operations Platform” is a one-stop shop that provides diverse, interconnected products such as BPM, ERP, data management, communication and coordination. Everyone and anyone can find something they need, whether it’s you, your suppliers, or even your customers!

In addition, aZaaS is a global product development partner for many large Multi-National Corporations (for example, Microsoft, IBM, and HP). Whatever your business need, we’re there for you.

KStar, operations expert

KStar manages the processes that drive your business, by taking advantage of both BPM and ERP system capabilities. When sales, production, finance, procurement, logistics and other departments use disparate modules that cannot talk to each other, an additional layer of complication is introduced. Integration of all these functions with BPM capability allows comprehensive, seamless workflows that span departments and organizations. From order to shipment, and everything in between, process loops can be fully closed.

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aZcentric,one-stop shop for member-centric experience

aZcentric is a solution based BPM platform which simplifies the BPM process. It allows your company to focus on your core competency while allowing your organisation to identify bottlenecks and change business process to suit this changing world quickly.

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IonTone,extending the social platform

Starting with a social network platform as its base, ionTone goes beyond a mere networking tool. By encouraging self-expression and sharing, ionTone will allow social networks to grow organically. Attracting groups of like-minded people will be easy, and ionTone can even be a platform for sharing of great ideas or landing that dream job. But there are even more surprises in store. ionTone is a powerful collaboration platform that can organize and curate your interactions and collaborations, so that even large projects and activities can be communicated and managed smoothly.

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Used by prominent clubs around the world including golf clubs, theme parks, social clubs, company associations and country clubs, this system enables clubs to include their target customers and partners as part of their internal operations.

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