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The world is continuously improving and people has an insatiable appetite new things. Businesses must mutate to these expanding needs in order to adapt and cater to these new needs. aZcentric is a solution based BPM platform which simplifies the BPM process. It allows your company to focus on your core competency while allowing your organisation to identify bottlenecks and change business process to suit this changing world quickly.

110    Data Driven
aZcentric collects data from different sources, process, transform and store the data internally. aZcentric cleanse and certifies the data to form a cluster of trusted datasets to be consumed and analysed by analytics applications later. With data now readily available, data can be analysed and to predict future trends, turning data into deep insights and eventually into actionable.
111 Member-centric
Businesses has evolved to address motives and desires of customers / members. aZcentric captures not only the data entered by members but also the behaviour of members. With data captured in greater accuracy, analysis done is more complete and business decisions made will be more effective and beneficial.
1122 Solution-based BPM
BPM is a complex and tedious task but aZcentric simplifies it. It allows companies to concentrate and focus on their business core competency while data are captured. With a user-friendly dashboard, data can be interpreted easily, providing a clear picture of the situation, leading to immediate decision making.
113 Mobility
Unlike traditional way of getting members feedback, members may choose to reveal certain information. Data collection is seamlessly integrated in aZcentric that members are not even aware of it and data collection is transcended above limitations of physical locations and potential garbage information.
bank_96px_1204339_easyicon.net_ Community
With a huge amount of global data, improvements can be made in a large scale. aZcentric helps analyse global end to end processes between organisations, providing a platform for different organisations to communicate, understand and improve their business processes. This process creates many win-win situations, promoting creation of strong communities.
 115   Value added tools
There are many other useful tools that can be selected to be used with aZcentric. Some tools include chat bot which provides an additional avenue for members interaction. Form designer allows staff to create new web forms quickly and deploy them for usage. Report designer allows creation of ad hoc reports and pin them up onto the dashboard for real-time updates.

Explore values

Customise the system to your needs: Choose the modules you need without the need to pay for something you do not require

Member Insights: Data of members are captured so that improvements made are complete

Self-sufficient system: With designer tools, the system can be customised to suit organisations to a large extent.

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