Infinite possibilities in ionTone…

ionTone creates a platform, which aggregates talent and creates value. Everyone has their own talent that did not find before. Here, we encourage everyone to show himself, perhaps, in the communication with others, you will be able to find the one who have the same interests with you and harvest a result never imagined.


Personal show

Whether you are a job seeker looking for job opportunities, or want to find like-minded partners, show yourself is the first step of your actions. To tell your story, personality, expertise, interests and dreams sincerely…Sharing, more sharing, to attract different sights and forward to the dream in communications.


Please, account me in

Here, we build you a “tending place”. With simplest communication, the most authentic self, the purest idea, we abandon biases and prejudice to find others’ strengths and expertise sincerely, have fun in browsing and the process of understanding, and irrigate the seedling of “idea”. People gathers here and brainstorming to achieve business value.


Dare to dream and be different

A painter who used the brush, and the writer who used to write, it’s time to add some paints and colors to life. Adding an artist to a development team, replacing a 60-year-old retired worker with a new graduate, writer, gourmet, and designer…What kind of sparks can unique combinations impact? We’ll see.


Make the dream come true

The fleeting thought will be just an idea without catching. However, ionTone connects people and things, through continuous communication, critical summary and eventually landing, it adds the practical application scenes to the idea. With different experiences without risks, to mix different chemical effect. 


Add intelligence to life

Adding intelligence to the basis communication, what would it look like? For common date conversation, the system will pick the time, place, set the alarm to remind you, and even help you order the featured dishes of this store. When you plan to go to a dance, it may recommend you the travel tools, shortest route, and even give you the best matching of clothing choice when you are upset about the dressing.


Of course, there are more waiting for your experience.

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Ordinary people get together to find differences.   Blog, comments, messages and other real-time communication make executive more smooth.  Fill in photos, words to show yourself. Identify your needs and give you best choice.

Carry on, it will be more wonderful than you imagined!

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