Pushing BPM to the cloud!

Business Process as a Service (BPaaS), brings a new mode of process application to enterprise. After moving BPM to the cloud, the applications become very simple. Through simple operation, business person can assemble business process and system based on browser, and he doesn’t need to learn java or coding, or grasp the complex design of software architecture.

Business person discovered soon, they can easily jump out the complicated technical environment, make communication with IT person smoothly, and even assemble simple processes to a complex and large business chain, which enterprise needs.

Who Does aZaaS Solutions Suit For?

  • Need to save IT cost and IT to do the more valuable core things
  • Business changes a lot in recent years, and have short-term projects changing
  • The need for high rate of return on investment (ROI) BPM solutions
  • T and business users often have trouble in communicating on the system
  • Fast-growing Venture Company

Identity Tags of BPaaS

aZaaS Solutions

The BPaaS we provides based on entire open process platform (BPM), realizing: process automation+ system data integration+ application development+ enterprise mobility development+ “App Store mode” one-stop service, from horizon and vertical two aspects.

Horizon Solutions

User Management

Based on planning and organization,to build organization structure、position system and professional title system, which is consistent with enterprise development strategy, we provide standard and customized workflows for normalize the workflow of HR department.

Purchase process management

Using centralized procurement with process driven to optimize procurement price. To build a set of standard and effective supply chain, which includes models, such as source supplement, purchase evaluation, full authentication and so on. To save every penny from purchase, and make pre-tax profit directly.

Finance & Expense Control

In financial management, the highlight is the issue of regulatory process, such as the control of four key link nodes including budget, cost, purchase, payment, and audit. This solution improve risking visibility, and avoid bad debts and wasting with the way of process.

Contract and Legal management

It involves process control since the signing of contract, to ensure the performance nodes including performance stage, legal and financial supervision, and remind operator to check and accept work in accordance with the terms. To maximize the protection of the profits for company and reduce the risk of compensation for breaking a contract.

Vertical Industry Solutions


Insurance was experiencing a higher than industry average incidence of fraudulent claims. The aim of our engagement was to enhance their upstream fraud detection capabilities not only at the claims level, but also at the customer-level. Our BPM solutions build a predictive model to interment approval based contract signing, claim terms, fraudulent history and insurance fees. Through effective claim process management, to reduce fraudulent claims and narrow down 90%

  • Real-time data collection through multi-sources
  • Quick claim process operation on the cloud when it need
  • Mobile applications enables staff on the scene to handle claim request quickly.

Core business process:

  • Policy, quotation, claim management
  • Sales and distribution management
  • External underwriting and licensing permit
  • Insurance contract approval process
  • Human resource process


The biggest characteristic of financial industry is that the internal process of information management is very strict, and internal information flow of most enterprises need approval and follow the process within the enterprise, so we help customers to achieve cross-sector and cross-system process management, to overcome the problems traditional workflow encountered, thus to achieve strict access control, review, record within the organization, meet the requirements of internal auditing.

  • Overcome the problems of traditional process platform
  • Cross-sector and cross-system process management easier
  • Reduce cost
  • Reduce the human resource of waiting
  • The accuracy of electronic platform reduces extra cost of repeated revision in manual operation
  • A platform of whole solutions
  • Suitable for ordinary approval rules, and complex jump sign, merge sign

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