Hone core competencies of clubs for target members!

Used by prominent clubs around the world including golf clubs, theme parks, social clubs, company associations and country clubs, this system enables clubs to include their target customers and partners as part of their internal operations.
This allows each club to hone core competencies to create value for these customers and partners via communication, co-creation and curation. Making the right customers always right.

Database_Cloud_305px_1185111_easyicon.net          Multi-platform Communication
xClubSys system focuses on existing customers. They provide the core, uniting values that guide topic-based communications. Unlike the previous methods to collect customer feedback, xClubSys system allows customers to converse on self-driven topics, browse activities, read other people’s comments. It is convenient for group communication. Club can also review and reply promptly to meet the customers’ needs.
 workspace_833px_1186393_easyicon.net Customized Solution
By customizing the modular framework according to club’s core business, you can build a system tailored to your core business quickly and involve customers as part of internal operations. The system places customer needs and market demands at the center. This allows you to gain clarity for the strategy, value and position of your company from which to develop a targeted operation strategy.
Travel_Transportation_512px_1184553_easyicon.net   Cloud-based Lifestyle
Take some time off and play a golf game? Using the mobile app, you can book a golf game and complete the check in when you arrive. No more tedious membership card. Then, relax with a cup of coffee. On receiving a push notification, you head to the start point to collect the buggy and it begins! In addition, promotions, payment, gift cards and other services are all at your finger tip.
Graph_Magnifier_305px_1185122_easyicon.net   More Intelligence
It doesn’t matter if you haven’t made an appointment with your friends, you can let the gamification feature help you match new golfing friends according to your skill level. You can know the wind, weather and even the predicted completion time according to your previous experiences. What’s more, it can help you to calculate your score and analyze your play.
Checklist_305px_1185101_easyicon.net   BPM Driven
xClubSys is built on business process management system. Modules built based on best practices are not isolated silos. The system has processes running across departments and organizations, managing the complete loop from booking to payment. During the process execution, it coordinates the operation of respective nodes within the module for continual feedback to effectively enhance the processes with customers as the center focus.

68Explore values

Customer First: to explore the key needs around the core customers

Shared Management System: to reduce costs and increase collaboration

Intelligent Push: to provide the best information based on demands

Simplify Management: business process management with complete loops

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