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IT management is managing the company’s information, technology and other resources according to the needs and priorities. In short, it’s managing all the behaviors related to IT, to achieve the consistency of technology and business strategy, innovation, cooperation, and create value through the application of technology.

Whether it’s a single integrated solution or a one-stop enterprise IT management service including hardware, software and services, we can customize according to your business needs and budget.

aZaaS Solutions

35 Network Management

Through the continuous monitoring of IT infrastructure, to optimize the implementation of service level agreement, and maintain enough flexibility and agility of network.

Technical experts to support business needs;

From the perspective of the future demand to optimizing the original network system;

Make full use of existing procurement resource;

37 Data Management

Integrate the existing software architecture, consolidate data center, and use cloud computing technology to accelerate the deployment and achieve flexible operation to ensure the safety requirements.

When the business expand, the data center can expand resources with elasticity;

To maintain the stability of the data center;

Use the services architecture of cloud to reduce expenditure;

39 Information Safety

Security threats occurs frequently, aZaaS IT security experts and partners provide IT security services in all varieties from infrastructure to settings.

Analyze and remove the potential threat;

Risk monitoring, security investment report, and support business regularly;

Continuous update according to the latest IT safety regulations;

36 Integration

From the system development to platform integration, from project management to testing services, we use the idea of consulting to provide integrated services when facing the complexity of management.

Reduce the time and complexity of enterprise, cloud and business community integration;

Ensure the safety of files and information sharing between applications;

To accelerate the new service startup by end to end seamless connection;

38 Identity Management
Integrate the service control, application control and infrastructure control, and help enterprises to establish, deploy and maintain the whole identification system.
Hardware, software, design and implementation, and management services for all components are available;
Provide customized solutions considering the security requirements of enterprise;
40 Application Management
Through real-time visual tracking and monitoring the operation of application architecture and data source, to analyze data from diverse technical levels and track the path of transactions to get the central view of infrastructure and insights of final users.
Discern the trajectory of terminal users, and provide key information for business;
Continuous monitoring to prevent abnormal problems in application;

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