Let the practice to prove!


We help China Eastern Airlines improved the original joint office system and ITIL system, and review and build task supervision, goods receiving, equipment application, user permissions for settlement system , IT services, IT changes and other relevant systems.

The limitations of the previous task supervision:
- The task cannot be assigned to a specific person, but the deputy department;
- It only realizes task handle and assignment, and cannot realize task supervision;
- It can only be applied to the conference meeting of general manager, and cannot be used in other occasions
Highlight Functions & System Deployment
Creating the tasks of multi-tiers
In task supervision, the user can handle the task directly or assign by layer.

To check and manage sub-task
The task can be decomposed into several sub-tasks to assign to different people, and are available to check the status of processing and supervision.

Task Management
Besides their tasks and related tasks, leaders can also view the working statistics of their subordinates.
Application Value
The flexibility of new task supervision:
- The task can be split, assigned, supervised, and be clearly assigned to specific people;
- It is easier for a leader to track the decomposition and completing status of task;
- It is suitable for a variety of meetings, special works, daily tasks of leaders and other occasions;
- The authorized users in office system can create and assign tasks;
- Providing the function of mobile tack supervision.