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As China’s largest crude oil and natural gas production, supplier and the largest refining and chemical production and suppliers, the business of China National Petroleum Corporation involves oil and gas exploration, refining and petrochemical, pipeline transportation, oil and gas refining product sales, petroleum engineering and technical services, petroleum machinery manufacturing and petroleum trade, it takes the dominant place in China’s oil, gas production, machining and markets.

Before using the system, marketing department of the company faces some challenges:
- Gas customers do not have a channel for reporting monthly gas consumption (usage of natural gas);
- Marketing department cannot accurately estimate gas consumption of next month;
- Inefficient transport;
- The failing to control the whole process causes customers dissatisfying of service and the cost of waste;
Highlight Functions & System Deployment
Huge amount has invested to this project, several platforms get involved, ranging from Microsoft to BO, then to Oracle database. BPM shows the advantage of integration:
- Integrating with Microsoft biztalk to achieve multi-dialogue;
- Integrating with Oracle database to connect to business database, to realize business data storage and reading;
- Integration with BO to realize flexible and automatic reporting;
- Start quickly and develop rapidly. Under the guidance of our consultants, the project developers can acquire the core technology of BPM products within 5 days, and they have only asked our technical support department for technical guidance by mail three times during development.
Application Value
This project is for China Petroleum Pipeline business system, which handles some daily business pipeline production, including program development, cohesion and metering data, and generating daily report.
All the sales companies, pipeline companies, oil companies, stock companies, and the customers of sales companies related to the Chinese oil, gas and oil sector are involved in this range.
Related software includes ESI GLF (requested forecasting software), SQL Server 2000, Microsoft BizTalk Server 2004, BO 6.5, Oracle 9i (database).
BPM is mainly responsible for the workflow process, which is to handle the approval and flow management of plan and reports.