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China Oil & Foodstuffs Corporation, which was founded in 1949, is China’s largest import and Export Company of grain and oil food and manufacturer of food. It has received outstanding achievements in estate, hotel business and financial services, and listed as one of world’s top 500 enterprises by “Fortune” magazine.

China Oil & Foodstuffs Corporation had been using traditional manual approach of circulation before, which resulted in low efficiency, opaque process, responsibility ambiguity and other problems. An office platform based on electronic to solve this problem was needed.
Highlight Functions & System Deployment
Unified application for OA approval process:
- The company headquarters, production / sub companies and institutions abroad are using the same OA system for document approval.
- There are corresponding official doing document circulation for different types of documents.
- The way of unified management avoids cycle repeating of document, and is convenient for document transfer, signing, supervision and placing the files.
- Unified document flow records and approval list
Document filing:
- Document archiving in OA system
- Haven’t included in the OA document archiving system
- To realize single version + network version+ regular version of stored documents filing
Application Value
- Strong duplicability and the implementation cost is low with this solution
- It can be integrated with existing network and OA system of COFCO seamlessly
- All the approvals can be realized in this system
- Support of electronic signature in the system
- Seamlessly integration with original AD accounts of COFCO
- Integration with emails, messages and mobile office platform