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The head office of Danone Group is in Paris, and the number of its employees is nearly 75000 globally, it is one of the famous food and beverage group in the world. Danone has a long history, strong scale, and it ranks 500 in the world with operations in more than 120 countries around the world. Fresh dairy products, drinking water, infant nutrition and medical nutrition as four major products, the sales volume ranks top in the global market.

The BPM platform we implemented for Danone is designated as the core engine of process development and application for the whole group. The goal of the first term is to build and optimize the core “contract management process”. Specific requirements:
- Simplifying the contract approval process to judge the examination and approval authority and approval nodes control automatically according to the type and amount of contract;
- To realize the main electronic contract approval process, which includes the kind of material purchasing, service, property, KA distribution, and promotion, a total of 19 categories of contract management;
- Interaction with the data of original SAP system makes up the deficiency of SAP in process management, and achieves the closed-loop management of business flow and data flow.
Highlight Functions & System Deployment
Extension Function
Be available for supporting enough security and user function expansion in processes of contract and documents, which includes: electronic seal, signature, textual note, signature endorsement, seal cancellation, document verification, document automatic locking, document unlocking, two-dimensional bar code, digital watermarking of signature and other rich document approval and secure authentication scheme.
Approval Rules Examination
With the improvement of quantitative management level, the approval rules of contract usually refines and adjusts. In the link of examination and approval, we introduces the definition of TOA custom to realize the definition of approval path, which can support the future development and the subdivision permissions and independent set of multi-organization structure.
Application Value
5 categories of contract, and 40 classes;
A total of 21 kinds of special contract templates;
TOA examination has 2 branches, and 55 approval lines.