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To attract new generation customers, and improve branding image

DBS bank was founded in 1968 and it is the largest commercial bank in Singapore. It has more than 200 branches and placed in 15 markets, the AA- and Aa1 credit rating received is the highest level in Asia Pacific region.

The director general manager of Singapore DBS bank, Jeremy Soo said: “The youth are born in the digital era, and they have been surrounded by technology early in their childhood. While students dominate the future, we want to win the future user’s trust in the early stage.” The traditional service mode of DBS bank cannot attract the eyeball of new generation. However, the new generation group is keen to the latest technology, and has the ability of spreading widely. Therefore, DBS bank plans to open a new branch in National University of Singapore, using the latest technology with eye-catching design, creating a future bank to attract a new generation of customers and enhance the brand image.
Highlight Functions & System Deployment
Dazzling and transparent screen design,  and advanced intelligent queuing system
Attractive interactive technology: PixelSense/ Kinect/ interactive projection
To achieve paperless customer service
To improve efficiency through process automation
Assist in creating new products and analyzing customers through artificial intelligence
Application Value
Intelligent queuing system
-To take the number, query, get message alerts through mobile phone
-To manage multiple queues for different windows
-Intelligent system can record customer flow.
-The application of intelligent queuing system, the hall of bank is no longer full of anxious waiting crowds.
Workflow server
To deal with a variety of system integration and unpredictable or nonlinear data flow, and other complex workflow scenarios. To complete the work efficiently with fewer resources, providing better service for customers.
Artificial intelligence
To mine feasible marketing mode multi-dimensionally from hundreds of Microsoft Dynamic CRM records, helping make all kinds of marketing analysis, prediction and activities to enhance the return on investment.
Content management system
Integrated with SharePoint, the content management server can use mobile devices, large displays, Kiosks, screens, and computer to provide videos, pictures and messages to customers, to ensure the safety and stability of real-time data.
Microsoft Pixel Sense
-As a marketing consultant desktop, it shows simulation of investment, savings and loan business visually, and displays product information.
-Interact with specific items (such as bank card, ID card), to complete the transaction and start the internal work flow.
-To bring customers interactive game experience.
-With interactive stunning desktop, when customers are enjoying, the information acquisition and transaction confirmation can be completed at the same time.
Kinect interactive
Displaying interactive content with a large monitor to improve the fun of participation.
Interactive ground
The interactive ground displays queuing information of customers and provide navigation, to catch eyes and enhance interactivity.