Let the practice to prove!


Hitachi appliance is the largest air conditioning and conditioning compressor manufacturing and sales enterprises with the most complete product line.

- The original paper circulation is not standard and time consuming.
- The traditional office way of statistics is not convenient.
- To promote collaborative office.
- To improve the overall level of information
Project Objectives
- To speed up the approval
Employees need to send the travel application to the leader for approval with the traditional travel application mode, as employees and leaders travel a lot, they may not able to stay in the company at the same time. Therefore, it causes that leaders cannot response in time and employees apply directly to the leader with verbal notices. After electronic, supervisors can arrange the approval documents time according to their needs, reduce the confusion caused by the leave of staff and speed up the approval.

- To reduce the error
During the process of traditional manual application, a lot of manual data entry in accounting is easy to make errors, but with the characteristic of automatic import, it greatly avoids this from happening.

- To enhance the management
Through electronic business process management, to implement the control of budget to each point and enhance the cost control of company.
Highlight Functions & System Deployment
Realizing to manage approvals with mobile emails for leadership.
Application Value
- Have optimized and regulated the business processes and organizational structure of Shanghai Hitachi to make the organizational structure of the client clearer, and provide data basis for the implementation of workflow project.
- Have improved the management efficiency, and the flexible configuration of using platform makes workflow platform more responsive for the requirements of business process.