Let the practice to prove!


To discover future in interaction!

Singapore Institute of Technical Education (ITE) was founded in 1992, which is the government public colleges directly under Singapore Education Ministry. At present, the college has 10 campuses in Singapore, more than 30000 students, which is one of the Southeast Asia, and even one of the world’s largest Career technical college. Besides, it provides professional courses such as electronic engineering, nursing, tourism, mechanical repair etc., and nurtures more than 10000 graduates for industry every year.

ITE wants to create a new experience center, whose purpose is to help children find their future, and the more important is to impress them through new school and its facilities. Because the traditional way of promotion has the following issues:
-Students do not understand the courses of ITE, and is not clear on the future direction of development.
-ITE provides a wide range of courses, which results in a lot of information confusion of students.
-Promotion via booklet leads to low enthusiasm of students to understand the information.
-The current way of promotion lacks of statistical and information collection.
Highlight Functions & System Deployment
Introduced high-interactivity interactive giant screen, touch table and sticker photograph.
To achieve paperless introduction of ITE.
Application Value
The 15-meter interactive touch wall system
The underlying fuses splicing display software, multi-effect interactive software (UX), 3D video play synchronization control software, following-the-effects interaction software and infrared sensing interactive software.
-By infrared laser induction equipment, to precept the arrival of visitors automatically and start ITE experience. Follow the footsteps of visitors, to show the dazzling effect of screen.
-By clicking and gestures, to choose and display different information and interactive games.
-Tracking users’ using mode.
-The display of giant screen is eye-catching, and the visitors are impressed.
Artificial intelligence
-Artificial intelligence system analyzes all kinds of data tracked and collected from touch sensor devices, to recommend interesting information for visitors and help them understand ITE and course information.
-Artificial intelligence assists the development of new courses, and saves the cost of marketing research.
Content management system
While keeping the system efficient, effectively manage the increases of users, the capacity of content and high traffic load.
With the flexible fault handling mechanism, when the main server fails, the backup server will be operating to reduce the loss of system failure, and ensure the safety and stability of content.
The multi touch table, sticker photograph and transparent screen
-The multi touch table and transparent screen can show information and video.
-Visitors can play multi-touch interactive games, and encourages interaction.
-Sticker photograph and share to social networks.
-In the high-tech atmosphere, the visitor’s enthusiasm is high and it greatly enhance the brand image of ITE.