Let the practice to prove!


Kinglong United Automotive Industry (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. is founded in the end of 1998, which is called Suzhou Kinglong. During the 12 years, Suzhou Kinglong has been exploring hard, and struggling to grow. It built 0.5 million square meters of modern car manufacturing base, and the annual sales exceeded 50 million yuan.

The company has developed their own ERP system, which strongly supports the scientific management of the company. However, with the development of business, users put forward higher requirements of services for the system, users often face the following challenges:
-Large amounts of documents
-Complex business processes
-A lot to-do approvals
-It is hard to optimize management process
Highlight Functions & System Deployment
Developing the base for process to realize the process of BPM operation, such as opening process can be implemented in the base.
For related procedures, it only need to integrate base and invoke the way of base opening to complete the delivery, return, specify the user and other operations. Using BPM directly to avoid large area system changing resulted by the interface changing of method.
Application Value
Since the first process went online in September 2009, more than 100 processes have been launched and there were about 180000 process instances each month.
BPM as a tool for transfer documents, is fully integrated with ERP.
ERP documents can be left to BPM, and BPM will be responsible for document delivery. At the end of the process, ERP will write the data.
BPM form uses XML to store data, when it triggers process, relevant business data will be written by ERP.
With a stable workflow platform, it is easier for development and simple for programing process.
Reducing the efficiency of IT development costs greatly, and implementing business process management effectively to provide enough real-time data of business process for enterprise management.