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Li-Ning Sports Goods Co., Ltd. is one of the leading sports Brand Company in China, which mainly provides professional and leisure sports activities, including footwear, apparel, equipment and accessories. The head office of group is based in Beijing, the group has brand marketing, research and development, design, manufacturing, distribution and retail capabilities. It has established a huge supply chain management system and retail distribution network in China, which mainly conducts business through outsourcing manufacturing operation and franchise distribution.

Warehousing management is chaotic and business operations are not standardized, they cannot track businesses;
Dependent on artificial experience and personnel flow greatly influences the operation;
High inventory and unreasonable inventory structure occupy enterprise a lot of money
They cannot coordinate inventory and demand information with the supplier in time.
Highlight Functions & System Deployment
Process automation, data acquisition and data management reduce inventory from 5 to 20%, improve labor productivity of 15 – 40% and improve 2 – 5% accuracy of freight.
Application Value
Business process system optimization
With aZaaS BPM platform, to realize process automation from inventory arrival, checking to delivery. The warehouse manager can collect data with handheld terminal in warehouse, and upload it to data management system on the cloud. During the warehouse picking, they can scan the barcode by handheld terminal box. All the collected data can be sent to the back-end data management system on the cloud through 3G network /WIFI.
Asset tracking system
With RFID technology, based on a unique two-dimensional code label of each product, to track the management of each process and step during using period of fixed assets to improve the accuracy of inventory assets.
Data management system
The transaction data of warehouse are unified and stored in data management system based on the cloud for data analysis and complex statistics, to have a comprehensive grasp of the whole warehouse.