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Singapore Land Transport Authority (LTA) is a government agency, which is responsible for planning, operation and maintenance of Singapore land transport infrastructure and systems.

The channel of road traffic information acquisition is not wide, and processing capacity is not high.
The concentration of resources on traffic management information system is not high, and the degree of sharing and integration need to enhance.
The comprehensive utilization degree of traffic management information is low, and the public service capacity needs to be strengthened.
Because of lacking traffic dispatching and emergency response technology support, it is difficult to make a quick response to major emergencies.
Highlight Functions & System Deployment
The public can access all relevant data and data center, and get real-time urban road condition.
Third party developers can easily access rich data collections LTA set, and can offer a reliable and rapid response time.
LTA can easily use online hosting services without the need for higher capital of local deployment.
Application Value
Data Management Center
aZaaS deployed data of LTA on the cloud, which can deploy services and applications easily and rapidly. Through the data management system on the cloud, LTA can take full use of scalability and flexibility of cloud computing, and provide fast response for each API request.

GIS Technology
Through the integration of hardware, software and data, to gather geographic information, and you can get all kinds of relationships, patterns and trends. Using a map, graph or report to show and help people find the best path from one location to another (including the user of public transport and private transport) to avoid road congestion or road closure.

The GIS map of LTA data management center contains location information of all the country’s bus station, taxi station, parking, traffic signs and traffic lights. Enterprise can use this information to develop services based on location effectively. When the roads are too crowded or it comes up with an emergency accident, LTA can launch the emergency plan quickly.