Let the practice to prove!


Since the establishment in 1986, Red Star Macalline created many “first” successfully: the first to go to the field; the first chain; the first franchise store; the first to buy land to build store, creating the world’s largest single home furnishing mall.

The needs of Red Star Group for centralization, flat work, communication, collaboration and information sharing are growing, and the process flow in various departments is mainly through manual signature on papers, so they need a set of effective collaborative OA system for supporting. The implementation of this OA system includes:
-To improve the efficiency of information management;
-High transparent mechanism, effective supervision for work progress and document handling to standardize work processes and build the high effective collaboration of work mechanism between departments, realizing effective supervision of handling status and improving execution;
-Getting rid of the limitation of time and place to realize collaborative work, distributed work and mobile work;
-The integration of existing system for Red Star reduces the detached island of information;
-Providing digital basis for decision making.
Highlight Functions & System Deployment
Based on the idea of agile process management, we adopts open flow and realizes processes automatically quickly through technical innovation, and provides reference data for future process optimization.
According to the characteristics of home furnishing industry and the external market, the internal organizations and processes are changing fast, so they need a flexible and expandable configuration platform for process role.
Application Value
The electronic and standardization of paper transfer list, which can also be tracked
Process optimization
Providing data to support leaders’ decision