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New media group, MediaCorp is Singapore’s largest and most mature broadcast group, which plays an important role in the development of radio and television history of Singapore. Radio broadcasting began in June 1963, TV broadcasting in February 1963. Its business covers television, radio, movies, entertainment products, newspapers, magazines, electronic media and other broadcast services.

The annual Star Awards is the highest level of TV awards in Singapore, of which most audiences are elders, and the proportion of young people is marginal. MediaCorp hopes to attract more young people to participate. Therefore, in addition to the traditional telephone voting, it implemented online voting. MediaCorp needs a stable and high cost performance voting system, which can scale up the backend resources with the growing number of votes in the voting, and reduce the resources in low peak period.
Highlight Functions & System Deployment
To build scalable and flexibly cloud voting engine.
Realizing centralized data management.
Application Value
Cloud platform voting engine
The voting engine has high scalability and flexibility with the automatic adjustment mechanism, which will automatically increase the resources while the usage is growing, and reduce the resources when usage returns to low level automatically, and ensuring fast response at the same time. According to the charging mode of “pay- as- you- go”, it ensures MediaCorp only pays for the resources it needs.
When it comes close to the finals, the voting system reached 7 million response within 1 months. Backed by the high scalable and flexible voting solution, the voting run smoothly during peak time with no single failure.
Data management system
Providing a complete backup and recovery mechanism, which can deal with sudden and catastrophic events.
The architecture of centralized management scheme effectively handles the increasing usage and high loading, facilitating horizontal and vertical expansion.
Through the seamless integration of API interface with existing system, collected data is available for user enquiry and system manipulation.
During the period of Star Awards, safety and stability of real-time data is achieved.
Artificial intelligence
The data management system gathers information (such as analysis of voting behavior, users’ feedback, etc.) to assist MediaCorp to find suitable mode of marketing and marketing activity models.