Let the practice to prove!


The Singapore National Day Parade is a national ceremony in Singapore, and this year marks the 50th year of independence, it’s Golden Jubilee.

To celebrate this historic milestone, the National Day Parade 2015 promises to be an epic and emotive spectacle of an unprecedented scale. They hope to have a secured centralize collaboration platform for better control, and a platform for information sharing.
Highlight Functions & System Deployment
With the centralize platform for command center, to realize internal collaboration and communication. Social interaction and content sharing. 
Application Value
-  ITaaS
NDP 2015 deployed a communication and collaboration platform based on SharePoint, so that they can share the information and communicate through emails and comments in real time.
-  Backend Service
A secured centralize platform for command center. Through a single console, to manage all the information for better control.
-  Interactive App
An interactive app is implemented for this celebration, which offers a platform for people to know what’s going on in Singapore and makes it easier for people to find the events they interested. So they won’t miss any stages they want to participate.