Let the practice to prove!


Pfizer is founded in 1849, which is the world’s leading research-based biomedical and pharmaceutical company. Every day, about 80000 Pfizer employees located in 90 countries committees to explore the prescription drugs, research, development, production and promotion of leading prescription to bring patients high quality and safe prescription products around the world. In 2008, the annual sales of Pfizer Company is $48300000000, and it investes $7500000000 for research and development.

- All the approval of overtime working, leave and medical document are paper-based with manual examination and treatment.
- All reports are collected by artificial.
- At the end of each month, the work summary and annual leave of employees bring great workload for HR departments and their staff.
- During document approval, the process of document versions and the number of document examination and approval management process are complicated and tedious.
Highlight Functions & System Deployment
- Interface friendly: based on user habits of work, easy to use;
- Rich report functions: to handle the reports of overtime working, vacation and document approval process, providing help for the management personnel;
- Combined with SPS: use SPS to manage documents, which is good for document access rights and version management.
Application Value
- More efficient and effective to handle processes
- Better process control and information management
- Based on the front application of Web, it is easy to use, allocate and manage.