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Roche was founded in 1896, the head office is based in Basel, and it is one of the world’s leading research driven healthcare company. After 100 years of development, Roche has crossed more than 170 countries around the world and has nearly 70000 employees. Roche:
- ranked first in ball tumor areas
- is a leader in virology and transplantation
- ranked first in global biotechnology industry
- ranked first in global diagnosis field

From 2005 to 2006, Roche has been setting and selecting the workflow project, Roche’s internal decider and team members plan and expect a professional workflow platform within the company to optimize the efficiency of internal process and strengthen the business process control.
– Offline approval deferred and it is hard to guarantee the effectiveness of communication, the process efficiency is low.
– There are human errors brought by errors of manual operation and the application approval.
– Paper documents are easy to be damaged and lost, and staff need to check at the same time in the filing and review inspection.
– A unified business process lacks a load standard and platform control system.
Project objectives:
- With the platform and architecture of Microsoft, to build an internal core workflow platform base on the technology of .Net.

– This platform needs to have good performance, stability and scalability.
– Taking Ministry of Finance reimbursement process as a pilot for workflow platform and promoting in China. With the increase of maturity, to gradually increase related business processes and spread to other areas.
Highlight Functions & System Deployment
Deployment highlights:
- Portal: Combining WSS2.0 and Web part to build workflow site

– Employee: Basic information management modules for employees
– VR: Virtual Role Management
Integration highlights:
- SAP data integration: Indirect data integration, to generate documents in accordance with the requirements of SAP caused by the reimbursement process for SAP import.

– Paraben system integration: To realize the integration of leave process and paraben HR system to synchronize the data from the initialization of leave information to the end of the approval.
Application Value
- Our professional BPM process engine server for Roche has greatly increased the efficiency of data processing for business transfer, and enhanced the maintainability of resource and the traceability of data effectively.
- The standard unified BPM process management system makes planning and designing of process easier, and provides platform support for the sorting, control and optimization of process.
- The structure of organization has been abstracted to form a dynamic and flexible approval mechanism, which realizes a good longitudinal approval between roles, multi-level approval, permission assignments and requirements of other scenes, and adapts to the changes of organizational structure.

– The intuitive process page, rich and flexible service modules bring good operation experience to end users.
– To integrate multiple core business systems through powerful data model, such as the Download of SOA, the reimbursement data processing of Accrue and information exchange of platinum leave.