Let the practice to prove!

SG 50

Singapore is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its independence in 2015, to celebrate the little things that make Singaporean, hopes and dreams for the future.

As Singaporeans are looking forward to a variety of national and community programs in the year-long celebrations. They hope they can have a platform for the information of different programs, so they won’t miss any fantastic events.
Highlight Functions & System Deployment
A platform with the information of all events and people can get involved in these events.
Social interaction, and information, hope and dream sharing.
  Application Value
-  Interactive App
An interactive app is implemented for this celebration, which offers a platform for people to know what’s going on in Singapore and makes it easier for people to find the events they interested. So they won’t miss any stages they want to participate.
-  Light Show
When the firework begins, the app can be used as a torchlight lighting up together, people dance with the music and there is an ocean of light.
-  Share one dream
To join the events you like simply by clicking “Join” button on app, and chat with your friends, relatives to share the future dreams and hopes of Singaporean.