Let the practice to prove!

Singapore Island Country Club is a highly respected and professional managed club, which has a first-class golf courses, excellent facilities and services, and enjoys a high reputation in Singapore. There, the distinguished members can enjoy the warm friendship, and will be proud of having the Singapore’s oldest and the most impressive golf courses and country club.

The original site of Singapore Island Country Club was set up on the local infrastructure deployment. They hope to transform their website through the use of SharePoint and cloud technologies.
Highlight Functions & System Deployment
With the cloud-based custom content management system, to enhance the level of management, customer satisfaction and reduce costs. Social integration and content sharing. Analyzing content intelligently to improve business.
Application Value
aZaaS has developed a cloud-based service platform website for Singapore Island Country Club, so that members can book hotel facilities, understand the relevant information, and get the latest news of the club. Through a highly customizable, mix and matched solution, to host SharePoint on a dedicated virtual machine, providing a customized content management system, which integrates seamlessly with the local database Singapore Island Country Club for sensitive data acquisition.
Document Imaging and Capture
Capture content, and it generate automated document imaging, using integrated and flexible content repository.
Advanced Case Management
Activate content. Through collaboration, content, process, analysis, and business rules to achieve comprehensive case management.
Social Content Management
Social content. Share, collaborate and manage content, including office documents.
Content Analysis
Analyzing content. Gain new business insight through accessing, parsing and analysis of unstructured content.
Information Lifecycle Management
Content governance. By defensive disposition, e-discovery, recording, retention and other functions to reduce storage costs and compliance risks.