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Toll is a leading provider of integrated logistics in Asia with annual revenues of $8700000000, and has more than 1200 operations in 55 countries. The transportation and infrastructure Toll covered include road convoys, warehousing, shipping, aviation, port and railway locomotives.

One of Toll’s customers needs an asset tracking solutions to keep track the delivery status of daily fabrics between factories and customers. The daily fabrics collected are counted manually, and the staff need to count the daily fabrics and deliver to the factory. In the factory, there will be other staff to count again to confirm the calculation quantity. Thus, they need an asset tracking solution to eliminate the errors and improve the efficiency of logistics.
Highlight Functions & System Deployment
The system provides automatic data, and eliminate the existence time difference between goods receiving or storage and data inputting.
Application Value
Asset tracking system
aZaaS implements an asset tracking solution of multi-tenant RFID (radio frequency identification) for Toll. Taking cloud as the background, the system integrates with the RFID platform, and assigns portable RFID readers to the staff.

The RFID platform equipped with GPS and 3G connection is installed in a transport truck, which contains a unique ID code. When the goods are delivered at the company, employees use a handheld device to scan the bar code and read the RFID tags of pallet, then they match the bar code and RFID data and send to the back-end data management system based on the cloud.
Asset tracking system replaces the manual counting works, because daily fabrics are counted automatically when they are carried on and off the truck. And this information along with their position will be sent to the cloud by intermittently connected 3G network.
The portable RFID reader connected to cloud can easily get and update information about daily fabrics at any place and any time.