Let the practice to prove!


YUM! Restaurants (China) Investment Company is the largest restaurant group in China.
- 2700 KFC restaurants
- More than 450 Pizza Hut restaurants
- 100 Pizza Hut home deliveries
- 19 East Dawning restaurants
- 250000 employees
- The turnover is 28800000000 yuan in 2009

A number of departments, restaurants and employees are distributed widely, and various kinds of applications takes long processing cycle, the workload is heavy.
A number of department, restaurants, employees, wide distribution and various kinds of applications cause long processing cycle, heavy workload, and low efficiency. The centralized management requires more for process control, manual operation error rate is high, and cannot provide improvement tools and basis.
The workflow construction project for YUM! Restaurants (China) takes 2 years from concept proof to the on-line of the first term, which plans more than 50 processes suitable for this workflow platform.
The requirements of workflow system for YUM! Restaurants (China) Investment Company:
To build a workflow software platform, which can serve multi-brand China operations and meet the needs of executive and administrative.
The number of users is planned to be 500, and the annual volume is 10000000;
- Integration with ERP and others to achieve paperless and automation as much as possible;
- To meet the future applications and changes of different processes;
- It is easier to maintenance for background, and the structure can be expanded;
Making the enterprise workflow system, enterprise resource management and the positions and relations of surrounding business system clear.
- Make clear the scope and the role of core system for enterprise (such as ERP, CRM etc.)
- Ensure the specific goal of office automation (OA)
- To understand the characteristics and adapted software solutions of different workflow (project, production and administration)
Highlight Functions & System Deployment
In the selection, YUM! Restaurants (China) Investment Company evaluates more than 30 products in and out of China, understands and tests 6 of them specifically. Our BPM production wins as it matches the requirements of customers as below:
- High flexibility, rich interface, and strong integration capability;
- The set of tool is complete and meets the needs of various stages from design to maintenance management;
- Good scalability, which can be extended with the growth of users and business;
- Industry experience with the development of advanced concepts, and the perfect method of implementation;
Application Value
Save the cost of manpower
- Reduce the workload of  annual reimbursement amount of 300000 inputting and corresponding checking; reduce the time of documents transferring, fax, and arranging

- Fill in the form online to increase the filling accuracy. And the error rate is reduced from 11% to2%, which reduces the error caused by repeated examination and interpretation.
- Reduce administrative expenses: print, mail, and fax costs; the return rate of the first term construction achieves 53%, and the recovery period of investment is 1.96 years
- Improve Management visibility
- Real-time reporting so managers can understand the trends of cost
- Providing data support to improve and optimize process rate
The online system accelerate the approval and processing speed of reimbursement documents (by up to 3 weeks), at the same time, because of the design of the system, the function is not limited to travel reimbursement, it is extended to the reimbursement of all the staff, which makes benefits for more than 1000 employees. Besides, the system is widely praised with its simple and easy design.