Let the practice to prove!


Bank of China Jiangsu branch is the first branch of Bank of China. After 100 years development, Jiangsu branch has 11 second-level branches (excluding Suzhou) and 10 branches directly under Nanjing area in whole province, and 738 organizations and more than 20000 staff.

- Data explosion due to huge amount of reports. The AS-IS statistical method cost time and labor. High level information needs such as data presentation and mining cannot be answered.
- Dozens of internal business data and application systems are independent from each other, which hinders data integration and results in inconvenience to use.
- Vague division of responsibilities leading to unnecessary occupation of resources, which cannot bring more business value.
Highlight Functions & System Deployment
- Established the information portal based on SharePoint.
- Built four major platforms, namely: portal platform, process platform, reporting platform and application platform.
- Through business data and application integration of Jiangsu branch of Bank of China, combined with lync and other communication tools, a new collaborative office experience for staffs in Jiangsu branch of Bank of China is brought to live.
- Digitalized the management of fixed assets via a string of business processes and module, which includes:
- Asset purchase, replacement, transfer, maintenance, discard and other related business processes
- Asset inventory,  contract management, record management and other related business functional modules
- Assets management system related account and statistical report
Application Value
Bank of China Jiangsu branch had have ten business data and application systems. The platform provides a standard technology interface to link legacy processes, applications and reports. Customized access through four main modules breaks the wall between different systems, realizing resource and information sharing within the branch.