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China Galaxy Securities Co., Ltd. is China’s securities industry’s leading integrated financial services provider, and the company owns Galaxy Innovation Capital Management Limited, China Galaxy International Financial Holdings Limited and Galaxy Futures Limited.

- Mobile Office Support (for various types of terminals: laptop, PAD, mobile phones, etc.)
- Email approval (approval workflow by replying to the message content)
- Process visibility design (to define workflow by simply drag-and-drop)
- Independent personalized portal (departments or individuals may establish their own portals, and change the portal content flexibly)
- Decentralized management (according to the company organizational structure, to support the appointment and separation of authorities, achieving the self-management of portal, organizational structure information, process and so on for a department or agency portal)
- AD is integrated with single sign-on to synchronize personnel information
- Support the integration of heterogeneous platforms and systems (financial, human, core system)
- Reference case of integration with Oracle Financial system
- Content Retrieval (Portal and document content, attachments, approval process)
- The flexible customized content and style of forms
- Flexible customized Portal page (changeable background, Flash pop-up, button and style adjustment)
- Reminders of pending tasks, supervision (Email, text, instant message)
- Common tools (employee directory, reminders of employees’ birthday, surveys, external contractors, calculator, calendar, weather, news subscription, personal calendar management, meeting room management, enterprise BBS)
- Enterprise knowledge sharing platform (similar to Baidu Zhidao)
Highlight Functions & System Deployment
Building enterprise communication platform, which integrates traditional and the latest communication effectively to break the barrier between managers and employees, enterprises and customers to improve efficiency of operation.
Building enterprise collaboration portal for employees, customers and partners to provide entrance to get centralized access to information and service. It tightly integrates processes and portals, providing efficient and caring user experience.
Creating content management platform to manage and present rapidly growing and dispersed content to users in the right way.
Application Value
- Re-sort and transform business processes
- Redesign UI and reduce user “clicks” to the minimum
- Providing the two concepts of “free flow” and “process template” based on the stabilized process to satisfy the needs of process flexibility.
- Through the virtualization technology and unified identity management framework based on Active Directory, to construct an integrated innovation office cloud platform, which integrates SharePoint, Exchange, Lync, Office and other business processes to enhance operation efficiency.
- The collaborative work platform that takes portal as the core is entirely employee-centric.
- Upon login to the corporate network, the unified enterprise collaboration office portal will present
- Different staffs have different content presented on the personal work platform.
- After the portal authentication, employees can clearly see their tasks that need to be done on that day