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China Telecom Co Jiangsu Branch is attached to China Telecom Corporation Limited, and it is a branch of China Telecom Corporation Limited established in the administrative area of Jiangsu, which uses the service mark of “China Telecom” uniformly.

Nanjing Telecom Human Resources will deal with a lot of employees’ turnover and transferring information per month.
A lot of internal business systems management belongs to different business sectors in Nanjing Telecom, and it needs to make timely responses to the turnover and transferring of employees.
Business system management needs to periodically obtain the recent employees’ turanover and transferring information from the Human Resources Department, and delete or update privileges of these staff in the system
Highlight Functions & System Deployment
InfoPath provides the forms of collected employee information data
BPM provides the flow engine of entire work process and an interface to call an external system method
SharePoint provides data storage and a platform for real-time monitoring process status
Application Value
HR department and a lot of business can be synchronous collaboration, to reduce the burden of daily work
Each business system administration has the sequence in handling time, which makes each department to response and handle in time
To increase the effective monitoring to monitor the response status of system privileges handling