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As a leading interactive entertainment media company, SNDA Company provides a wide range of interactive entertainment content and services for customers through SNDA games, SNDA literature, SNDA online and other businesses.

As a leading interactive entertainment media company, with the continuous expansion, SNDS has proposed the following requirements for centralized information business process management (business process management based on BPM platform):
- To meet the requirement of workflow for a number of subsidiaries and group
- Centralized management of process engine: physically distributed (for some big business groups), or physically centralized.
- Centralized data management: physically distributed, or physically centralized.
- Business interoperability of process: users from different domains can perform process operation withnot being affected by the location of BPM domain; user with different roles defined in different organizations is able to perform process operations in a uniform manner.
- Data interoperability: databases interaction between different BPM engines.
Highlight Functions & System Deployment
Workflow is available in three modes:
- Closed process (fixed process)
   - Customized workflow for a specific process
   - Fixed process which is execute according to strict rules of definition
   - For example: the procurement process
- Semi open process
   - Partially fixed process with branch available for choose
   - For example: leave process
- Fully open process execution (custom process)
Custom workflow, according to the requirements of documents
   - For example: document circulation, meeting arrangements, discussion, notice
Application Value
The operation status of BPM platform environment for the head office of the group:
- 5000 users;
- 400+ processes;
- 500000 process instances in history;
- Process initiation 1000 times a day;
- Process approval operation 10000 times a day;
- The instances of pending approval maintains 15000+;
- 2000 transactions per minute;
- Multi-domain environment: 7 domains (remote domain has established local synchronization domain);