Let the practice to prove!


Taobao.com was founded in 10.May 2003, which is invested by Alibaba Group. After 6 years of development, Taobao has 170 million registered members at the end of 2009; the annual turnover reached 208.3 billion yuan in 2009, and it is Asia’s largest retail shopping website.
According to the research from the famous Internet advisory firm iResearch, taobao.com occupy more than 80% market share in the domestic electronic commerce.

ERP has been used for traditional industry, but what is the ERP developed for Internet companies? The daily requirements need to give a try!
From the requirements to release, among the daily needs of the process 20% of them is the order flow, which can be controlled by the process. 80% of them is abnormal flow, which is more frequent for users.
Problems found in research and development from the daily needs of the abnormal flow of data:
- Research and development resources haven’t been well planned;
- The communication cost among various roles of research and development is high
The process for daily needs realizes the reduction of communication cost among various roles and clarification of the responsibilities, but it cannot handle the resource development plans. Eventually, they choose BPM to achieve normal subject control flow.
Highlight Functions & System Deployment
- Information Module: IM Tools wangwang
- The notification of any node (external message notification, event listeners attached template)
- Any templates modification of notification
- To provide task message subscription or timed tasks broadcasting, and custom reception mode
- A changing organizational structure (organization and external users)
The second feature of Taobao: get access anytime and anywhere
- File Certificate
- The access of a staff facilitates the business cooperation in various subsidiaries
- Outsourcing Company
Application Value
- The go-live of P4P refund process reduces the time of customer service for business department from one month to one week.
- The go-live of research and development process realizes a stricter change control of the process of daily function, and reduces the communication and coordination problems caused by site function changes.
What has been achieved:
- Go-live process: 40
- Process instances: 37300
The number of users and coverage:
- Up to 2009-05-06, platform users in total: 1171, and employees coverage: 53.8%
- Up to 2009-11-19, platform users in total: 2340, and employees coverage: 86.12%