Let the practice to prove!

ABB occupies a leading position in electric power and automation technology industry around the world. Its superior technology enables electric public industry and industrial customers to improve performance, and reduce the impact to the environment at the same time. ABB currently covers more than 100 countries worldwide, and have more than 1 hundred thousand employees for industry services.

ABB needs a complete workflow and application development platform to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and deal with the rapid development of ABB and the external business environment changes.
- ABB has 7000employees distributed in more than 30 places, the system administrator need to configure
- The integration ability of original NOTES operation platform is poor, which cannot support collaboration, sharing of internal knowledge and realize flow visualization.
- The development and maintenance cost of NOTES platform are high.

- ABB staff travel frequently, they need a mobile platform for examination and approval, which enables travelers take examination and approval works conveniently.
Highlight Functions & System Deployment
Flexible user interface meets the personalized requirements of ABB.
To access to system whenever and wherever, and support personal computer, mobile phone, tablet and other mobile devices, which realized the mobile office needs of ABB.
The first term:
- Establish BPM platform and basic structure, and related sharing components and modules

- Establish internal PIM & IS process and portal
- Meet the requirements, such as customized reports
- Accomplish IT internal training and technology transfer
The second term:
- Complete the new demand

- Migrate the existing NOTES to BPM on the cloud
- Introduce Single Sign On environment
- Import Portal
- Integrate existing systems, such as SAP ERP / SAP HR
- Construct internal knowledge platform
- Import priority Portal > Process > Data Migration
Application Value
We applied a BPM system for ABB, which don’t need to download and install, and can get access to portal through web browser and mobile terminal. Deployment of this system is very convenient and can achieve self-configuration without coding.
Optimized and specified ABB management process and internal organization structure, which makes the structure more clear and provides a data base for the future implementation of workflow project.
This system improved the management efficiency. The flexible configuration of usable platform makes the workflow platform complying with the changes of enterprise flow, realizing the synchronous of process change and software implementation.
The system solved the contradiction between the implementation of IT system of central centralization and local personalization.


To meet business needs and IT simplification, only need one step.